Sarah Brightman: Symphony in Vienna

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This private concert was recorded in 2008 for a small audience of invited guests -- and for you.

Set List:

  1. "Pie Jesu"
  2. "Fleurs du Mal"
  3. "Symphony"
  4. "Sanvean"
  5. "Canto della Terra" (feat. Alessandro Safina)
  6. "Sarai Qui" (feat. Alessandro Safina)
  7. "Attesa"
  8. "I Will Be with You" (feat. Chris Thompson)
  9. "Storia d'Amore"
  10. "PasiĆ³n" (feat. Fernando Lima)
  11. "Running"
  12. "Let It Rain"
  13. "Phantom of the Opera" (feat. Chris Thompson)
  14. "Time to Say Goodbye"
  15. "Ave Maria"

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Sarah Brightman's Vienna Concert

Amazing that she was able do this in St. Stefan's Cathedral. What a venue! Thank you, Dudette, for finding and sharing this.