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Rockpella delivers tight harmonies, soulful vibes, and creative vocal jazz arrangements.  These five guys with microphones create an astonishing full-band sound which seems impossible—no instruments, no tracks, just their voices.  In their concerts, Rockapella presents a range of amazing vocal music from vintage Mills Brothers to jazz to rock.

Rockapella has become one of the world’s most sophisticated and lasting pop vocal groups. They are well-known from their appearances in the popular PBS series Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego, as well as appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Today Show.  They tour around the world and have recently started collaborating with the Boston Pops.

"Some say the best musical instrument of all is the human voice - if you've seen Rockapella you know that's the truth."  USA Today

“One of the most accomplished contemporary a cappella groups.”  The New York Times

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I am a Grandma who faithfully watched 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' just to see these guys! {Without the kids...} It was the only place at that time I could hear that type of music! Then came 'Sing Off' and I got more accapella singing. I still think Rockpella is the BEST! Thanks for this concert w/ all my favorites and some new songs!