Hallelujah Broadway

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In Hallelujah Broadway, the producers harnessed the emotional power of the songs that have so inspired millions of theatre goers and gathered them all together in one feast of entertainment. The show is high on emotion with a true spiritual connection at its heart. The producers selected the most uplifting and powerful songs from the great Broadway musicals for the performance, which were recorded in Prague at the Church of St. Simon & St. Judah, accompanied by the Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir.

Hallelujah Broadway features star central performances from three featured soloists - the amazing tenor Rodrick Dixon, the powerful soprano from the Chicago Symphony Alfreda Burke, and the marvelous Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns. The show also features as a special guest one of Broadway's leading ladies, Linda Eder. The songs are linked by a richly scripted commentary which is shared by the four soloists. The concert recording was filmed in Prague on February 8th 2010, and broadcast on PBS in Fall 2010.

Set list:

  • Prepare Ye The Way Of the Lord (Godspell)
  • Oh What A Beautiful Mornin' (Oklahoma!)
  • I'll Be Seeing You (Right This Way)
  • Gold (Camille Claudel)
  • Somewhere (West Side Story)
  • Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Sound Of Music)
  • Electricity (Billy Elliot)
  • Hallelujah Broadway
  • Godspell Medley - including:
    Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord
    Day by Day
    Oh Bless The Lord My Soul
    Light of the World
  • Seasons of Love (Rent)
  • What I Did For Love (A Chorus Line)
  • Bring Him Home (Les Miserables)
  • Anthem (Chess)
  • Sunday (Sunday in the Park with George)
  • For Good (Wicked)
  • Someone Like You (Jekyll & Hyde)
  • You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel)

The producers commissioned the song "Hallelujah Broadway" specifically for the show, which is sung by Anthony Kearns, Rodrick Dixon, and Alfreda Burke.