Bruce Springsteen & Seeger Sessions Band at St Luke's Church

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Bruce Springsteen broke from his traditional rock and roll style in 2006, with The Seeger Sessions, an exploration of American folk and roots music based on songs popularized (and some written) by Pete Seeger.

While the initial reaction in the US was mixed, with Springsteen not selling out concerts for the first time in decades, it was an entirely different story in Europe. Concerts were sold out in minutes after tickets becoming available, and raving crowds knew all the words to sing along.

This is a one-hour "initimate" concert that he did for the BBC in St Luke's Church.

Set list:

  • John Henry
  • Mary Don't You Weep
  • How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?
  • How Can I Keep From Singing
  • Mrs. McGrath
  • My Oklahoma Home
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • We Shall Overcome
  • Mary Don't You Weep
  • Pay Me My Money Down

After the band returned from the successful European tour, the US crowds grew, and ultimately reached "sold-out" again. Springsteen has said that he thought that many in the US had thought he would have a "dour folk-style group," but his Seeger Sessions Band drew from New Orleans traditions with lots of brass.

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