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The funloving Kerbys, stockholders in the bank of which henpecked, stuffy Cosmo Topper is president, drive recklessly once too often and become ghosts. In limbo because they've never done either good or bad deeds, they decide to try a good one now: rehabilitating Topper. Lovely, flirtatious Marion takes a keen personal interest in the job. Will Topper survive the wrath of jealous ghost George? Will Mrs. Topper find that a scandalous husband isn't all bad?


  • Constance Bennett - Marion Kerby
  • Cary Grant - George Kerby
  • Roland Young - Mr. Topper
  • Billie Burke - Mrs. Topper
  • Alan Mowbray - Wilkins
  • Eugene Pallette - Casey
  • Arthur Lake - Elevator Boy
  • Hedda Hopper - Mrs. Stuyvesant
  • Virginia Sale - Miss Johnson

1937, nominated for two Oscars. This is a wonderful film that inspired the Leo G. Carroll TV series with real-life marrieds Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling as Marion and George. The special effects in the 1937 film are groundbreaking and ingenious. Mores have changed over the years - driving drunk is no longer acceptable, and George and Marion would be heartily disapproved of today. Nevertheless, they're a gorgeous, glamorous couple and the real stuff of fantasy. Bennett only has a couple of years of big stardom left and, with his second billing, Cary Grant is still on the ascent. They're both hilariously madcap, Grant blasting into a stockholders' meeting and trying to take notes, and Bennett flirting with poor Topper in her silky voice.

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As a child in the fifties I loved the series Topper. For its day, the writing was very witty and intelligent. A dozen or so years ago I was seeing a physical therapist for a leg injury and to pass the time I started reading the book "Topper" by Thorne Smith which the movie and TV series were based upon. If you can get a copy at your local library it is definitely worth the read. It was written in 1926 and is a funny, wonderful view of the flapper, roaring twenties era.