Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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This unofficial Star Trek movie was created by many of the cast members from various Star Trek series, and was described as a "40th Anniversary gift" from Star Trek actors to their fans. It is not officially endorsed by the rightsholders of Star Trek, but has been covered on the official Star Trek website. It was shot in 2006 and releasted in 2008.


  • Walter Koenig - Captain Pavel Chekov / Kittrick
  • Nichelle Nichols - Captain Nyota Uhura
  • Alan Ruck - Captain John Harriman
  • Garrett Wang - Commander Garan
  • William Wellman, Jr. - Charlie Evans
  • J. G. Hertzler - Koval, a Klingon
  • Tim Russ - Tuvok (also directed the film)
  • Gary Graham - Ragnar
  • Chase Masterson - Xela, an Orion
  • Daamen Krall - Gary Mitchell
  • Crystal Allen - Conqueror Navigator Yara
  • Ethan Phillips - Data Clerk
  • Cirroc Lofton - Sevar, a Vulcan
  • Lawrence Montaigne - Stonn
  • Grace Lee Whitney - Janice Rand
  • James Cawley - Commander Kirk (James Kirk's nephew, brother of Peter)
  • Herbert Jefferson - Captain Galt

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