Shanghai Noon

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Jackie Chan is Chinese imperial guard Chon Wang, who comes to America with his uncle, the Imperial translator, to rescue the kidnapped Princess PeiPei. When his uncle is killed by train robbers, Wang ends up on a quest for justice that ultimately partners him with an outlaw in a "buddy cop" role that mixes a western with lots of king fu action. 


  • Jackie Chan - Chon Wang
  • Owen Wilson - Roy O'Bannon
  • Lucy Liu - Princess Pei Pei
  • Brandon Merrill - Indian Wife
  • Roger Yuan - Lo Fong
  • Xander Berkeley - Van Cleef
  • Rong Guang Yu - Imperial Guard
  • Cui Ya Hi - Imperial Guard
  • Eric Chi Cheng Chen - Imperial Guard
  • Jason Connery - Andrews
  • Walton Goggins - Wallace

Rated PG-13 for action violence and language.If you're OK with your grandkids watching old-style Westerns, where people occasionally get shot in a non-graphic, bloodless way, you'll be fine with this movie. For everyone who enjoys Westerns, it's a fun romp with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Released in 2000.

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