Lord Peter Wimsey: The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club

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This wonderful four-part mini-series was taped by the BBC and then presented in the US in 1973 by Masterpiece Theatre. In the story, written by Dorothy L Sayers in 1928, Lord Peter Wimsey is an amateur detective who finds himself in the midst of a crime scene at his own club and sets out to find out what happened, which some of the authorities appreciate and others do not.

This presentation is a playlist of all four 45-minute episodes in the series. You may watch them in a single setting, or use the playlist control to watch them one at a time.


  • Ian Carmichael - Lord Peter Wimsey
  • Terence Alexander - Robert Fentiman
  • Anna Cropper - Ann Dorland
  • Donald Pickering - Dr. Penberthy
  • John Quentin - George Fentiman
  • Vivien Heilbron - Sheila Fentiman
  • Mark Eden - Detective Inspector Parker
  • Derek Newark - Bunter

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