That Darn Cat!

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"Darn Cat"  (DC) is a wily, adventurous Siamese tomcat who lives with two young women, Ingrid and Pattti Randall.  One night, while making his rounds around town, DC follows a bank robber, to an apartment where he and his partner are holding a bank employee hostage. The hostage puts her watch on the cat as a signal for help and sends him on his way. Now, a cat-allergic FBI agent must follow the cat to try to find the bank robbers and rescue the hostage. A 1965 Walt Disney film.


  • Hayley Mills  -  Patti Randall
  • Dean Jones - Zeke Kelso
  • Dorothy Provine  - Ingrid Randall
  • Roddy McDowall - Gregory Benson
  • Neville Brand - Dan

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