Captain Newman, M.D.

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Gregory Peck stars as a Captain Josiah Newman who runs the neuro-psychiatric ward of a military hospital in 1944 Arizona. The movie is based on the novel by Leo Rosten, who was writing about a friend who was one of the first to identify PTSD.


  • Gregory Peck as Capt. Newman, M.D.
  • Tony Curtis as Cpl. Jackson Leibowitz
  • Angie Dickinson as Lt. Francie Corum
  • Eddie Albert as Col. Norval Bliss
  • Bobby Darin as Cpl. Jim Tompkins
  • Robert Duvall as Capt. Winston
  • Bethel Leslie as Helene Winston
  • James Gregory as Col. Pyser
  • Dick Sargent as Lt. Alderson
  • Larry Storch as Cpl. Gavoni
  • Jane Withers as Lt. Blodgett

This 1963 movie was nominated for three Academy Awards.

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I just watched my first movie on your game site. It was Captain Newman, M.D. I had never seen it, and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to watching many more. Thank you for adding this to your site. Things are getting better and better all the time. Keep up the good work.