This Above All

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Aristocratic Prudence Cathaway shocks her family by enlisting in the WAFs. After enlisting, a fellow WAF sets her up on a blind date with handsome, but moody Clive Briggs. Prudence learns Clive is a deserter, but she still loves him and senses he'll eventually prove himself..


  • Tyrone Power as Clive Briggs
  • Joan Fontaine as Prudence Cathaway
  • Thomas Mitchell as Monty
  • Henry Stephenson as General Cathaway
  • Nigel Bruce as Ramsbottom
  • Gladys Cooper as Aunt Iris
  • Philip Merivale as Dr. Roger Cathaway

This 1942 film, made just before Tyrone Power went onto active duty as a Marine Corps aviator, won an Oscar for art direction and was nominated for three more.

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