The Forgotten War of 1812

It's been called our "forgotten war."  The US didn't get much out of it directly, beyond a couple of songs (one of which is The Star Spangled Banner), and our biggest victory at New Orleans actually happened after the war was over. Only recently did I discover from pension records that one of my ancestors and his brother had served during that war, and with all the family lore, I had never heard a word about it. 

The British don't remember it either. I once mentioned to a British friend about the British burning Washington, and he insisted that they had not. "We burned Joan of Arc, true, but not Washington."  Who does remember are the Canadians because, if anything, the War of 1812 began to truly define Canada as a nation.

So today, catch up on some American, British and Canadian history that you may not have known.

WikiPedia: The War of 1812 The night Britain burned down the White House and stole the President's clothes