The Story of Music, from Babylon to the Beatles

In this 6-part series from the BBC, renowned composer Howard Goodall explains the fascinating story of how humans developed music.

Beginning in pre-historic times, Goodall walks us through the major "Ages" of music, explaining what discoveries were new to the age, how how the music developed, and what it lead to further on in time. He includes many musical examples so that we can hear and understand how music evolved to what we listen to today.

For each of the segments, Goodall has published a playlist on Spotify, so that you may listen to music that epitomizes the developments of that age. Each playlist includes many hours and selections of great music, so that you can feast on all the music of an age that you like!

Note that some of the selections on the lists will be dark and the player will skip them; that's because Spotify doesn't have a license for them in the US. But with each playlist being 30+ hours long, you won't miss them. Also, there are two extra playlists: The Age of Penitence is part of the first video segment, but is a separate chapter, in the book, and The Popular Age has two playlists because there's just so much great music to include!

Spotify will work on any device you use, whether it's a computer or Chromebook, or a mobile device. You'll need to sign up to Spotify to play and, if you're on a mobile device, you'll need the app, but it's free and we recommend it. If you don't already have the Spotify app, just click the link at right to get it from our Spotify Review.

If you're like to know even more, there also is a companion book avalable from Amazon.


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