Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, & The Presidency

During his terms as president, Andrew Jackson confronted some of the defining issues facing a nascent nation still searching for its identity: the removal of Native Americans from their lands, the rise of corporations, slavery, and the role of the president.

Delve into the Jacksonian era with this collection of political cartoons, maps, and profiles of key people and events of his administration. This award-winning 2008 documentary tells the story of this amazing American president who, as much as the founding fathers, set the tone for the nation we would become.

WikiPedia: Andrew Jackson

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Thanks for posting this. I used this a couple years ago for high school US history class and told the students no matter what your opinions of Jackson, think of what could have been. He exploited presidential powers to the limits; and thanks to him, we were blessed with Lincoln, McKinley, the Roosevelts, Truman, and every man that sat in the White House. Plus I'm a sucker for post-Revolution pre-Civil War history. In my mind Jackson was cool, and so was Rachel.