How to Use an iPhone on iOS7

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Viewing Suggestions for Tutorials

1. Watch the tutorial through once to get an overview. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. You can always watch it again, and just concentrate on particular areas of interest in later viewings.

2. If you see something you'd especially like to come back to, you might want to pause the video and jot down the approximate time in the video where the topic begins. Later, you can use the "scrub" control on the video to go to that time, skipping the stuff you don't need to sit through again.

3. If you have questions about a specific topic he covers, and you're a Games4TV member, log in (if you're not already) and post it as a question below, and we'll try to explain.

Do you have a new iPhone and want to learn how to use it? Do you really just need someone to show you the basics of using/owning an iPhone? In this video, David A. Cox from will show you all the basics and some extra tricks.and tips for an iPhone running iOS 7.

Many of these tips also apply to iPads running iOS 7. While Apple has released iOS 8 for the newer iPhones and iPads, people who use older devices like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, may decide to stay on iOS 7. Earlier devices such as the iPad 1 and iPhones before the 4S will not be able to update to iOS 8.

This is a one-hour class, so I have listed the starting points of the key areas he discusses so you can skip to them when you review the tutorial.

1:40 What the Physical Buttons on the iPhone Do

3:50 How to do a "Hard Reset" (Reboot) of your iPhone


4:40 Basic Phone Settings - Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data, and Personal Hotspot (if enabled by your phone provider)

10:17 Do Note Disturb Settings

12:36 General iPhone Settings - sounds, wallpaper, brightness, etc.

17:40 Privacy Settings

20:15 How to block a caller

21:10 iTunes & App Store Settings

22:30 Facebook Settings

24:00 Control Center - including volume, play controls, brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

28:10 Notification Center

29:00 Camera

34:40 Arranging Your Apps: moving them, deleting them, putting them in folders

36:50 Siri - your personal servant (iPhone 4S or later, or iPad 3 or later)

38:06 How to Delete Emails & Text Messages

40:07 Email - by the way, using the mic to dictate your email isn't available on the iPhone 3S and earlier

42:30 Copying and Pasting

43:45 How to Get Apps from the App Store

45:16 Multitasking

48:00 Favorite apps: David discusses and demonstrates his favorite apps for the remainer of the video.


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