A Selection of Chromebox Reviews

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Would you like to see what others think of the Chromebox? Here's a selection of reviews that will give you a sense of how it's being seen by other sites and services.

ASUS Chromebox Hands-On Review

This one is by ASUS, so it mostly explains how the Chromebox works and walks through its features. But it gives you a very nice look at how small it is, and how easy it is to set up. By the way, this is the same model that I have.

Lon Seidman ASUS Chromebox Review

This is a popular tech reviewer who also likes the Chromebox a lot. At the end, he tells you that you also can load Ubuntu on it (a version of the Linux operating system), but you don't need to worry about that because you're not going to do it.

Austin Evans ASUS Chromebox Review

Remember how the geeks and techies used to laugh at WebTV and MSNTV2? Austin Evans isn't laughing about the Chromebox -- he thinks it's pretty spiffy.

ComputerWorld Takes a Look

ComputerWorld is one of the oldest professional computing magazines, and its audience is the enterprise technology professional. So they're actually writing for knowledgeable technology professionals, and they like it, too. This link will take you to their story:

ComputerWorld: In depth: What Asus's $179 Chromebox is actually like to use


If you came here directly, check out Dudette's Chromebox Review or, if you're ready to buy, we have Your Chromebox Shopping List to make sure you have several choices, and get the keyboard, pointing device, and cable you'll need.

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