New to iPad for iOS 7

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Viewing Suggestions for Tutorials

1. Watch the tutorial through once to get an overview. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. You can always watch it again, and just concentrate on particular areas of interest in later viewings.

2. If you see something you'd especially like to come back to, you might want to pause the video and jot down the approximate time in the video where the topic begins. Later, you can use the "scrub" control on the video to go to that time, skipping the stuff you don't need to sit through again.

3. If you have questions about a specific topic he covers, and you're a Games4TV member, log in (if you're not already) and post it as a question below, and we'll try to explain.

While Apple has released iOS 8 for the newer iPhones and iPads, people who use older devices like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, may decide to stay on iOS 7. Earlier devices such as the iPad 1 and iPhones before the 4S will not be able to update to iOS 8 at all, so iOS 7 will be around for awhile. This tutorial will show you the basics of using an iPad running iOS 7.

The video is by David A Cox of We very much appreciate his fine tutorials and feature a number of them here. This is a 30-minute class, so I have listed the starting points of the key areas he discusses so you can skip to them when you review the tutorial.

1:00 The Physical Buttons on an iPad

2:45 How to Reboot ("Hard Reset") Your iPad

3:40 Multi-tasking - how to jump from one program to another quickly, and how to shut down a misbehaving program

5:33 Control Center - access to volume, WiFi, brightness, and much more with a single swipe of your finger

9:04 Notification Center

10:20 Camera

13:00 Siri - If you have an iPad 3 or later, you have a servant on call.

14:35 iPad Settings Overview - You may want to watch some of the other iPad and iPhone tutorials for more on settings. They work pretty much the same on all iOS devices, and there is not much difference here between iOS 7 and iOS 8.

21:40 How to Get Apps from the App Store

24:00 Organizing Your Apps on your Screen

25:50 Email Overview


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