How to Put a Games4TV Shortcut on Your iPad or Android Screen

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Wouldn't you like to have an icon on your iPad, iPhone, or tablet screen that would take you to Games4TV with just one tap? You can, and you can set it up in just a few seconds.

How to Add an Icon to Your iPad or iPhone Screen

If you're on an iPad or iPhone right now, you'll see the box control with the arrow at the top of your browser.

That opens a screen of things you might like to do with this page, like Bookmark it or send it to someone in email. One of the options is Add to Home Screen. So here's all you have to do:

  1. Surf to the page that you want to put on your home screen, or enter its address in the browser address field.
  2. Tap the box to open the options for the page.
  3. Tap "Add to Home Screen."

And you're done. Now, you'll have the Games4TV icon on your iPad or iPhone home screen, and any time you tap it, it will open Safari and take you to Games4TV!

If you have an older iPad or iPhone that still is on iOS6, it works the same way, but the control on your browser looks like this. 

The icon on your iPad page is called a Homescreen App, and the page it loads will behave a little bit differently from a normal web page in the browser. Further down in this article, we'll discuss the differences.

How to Add an Icon to Your Android Tablet or Phone Screen

If you have a recent version of Android and Chrome, it's just as easy.

  1. Surf to the page you want.
  2. Touch the Settings icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner (just to the right of the address bar) for the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Save to Homescreen. It will give you the chance to change the name, if you like.
  4. Touch Done, and the icon/shortcut is on your Home screen.

This is how the Nook, HD, Nexus 7, and most up-to-date Android tablets work. As with the iPad, a web site launched from a home screen icon behaves differently on some (but not all) Android devices. We'll discuss those below.

On Older Android Devices

If your device is running an older version of Android and Chrome, you may not see the Save to Homescreen in the menu from the Settings icon itself. So if youdon't see the Save to Homescreen Option in the Settings drop-down menu, do this:

  1. Touch the star in the browser's address bar to save the site as a Bookmark.
  2. Touch the Settings icon and select Bookmarks to get the Bookmarks screen.
  3. Press and hold (e.g. "long tap") the bookmarked site's icon. When the options menu appears, select Save to Home Screen.

How to Add a "Device Favorite" on the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire doesn't have the same sort of home screen as the other tablets. It shows icons for the things you've been doing most recently. If you've been surfing the web or playing Games4TV, it just shows the icon for the Silk browser.

But at the bottom of the the screen, on the bar with the Home, Search and Back icons, there's a star that takes you to your "Device Favorites." Those are shortcuts that are available everywhere, and you can put a shortcut to Games4TV in them.

  1. Surf to the web page you want to save.
  2. Touch and hold the web page's browser tab. This brings up a menu with a variety of things you can do, such as Add to Bookmarks and Add to Device Favorites.
  3. Select Add to Device Favorites.

That  will put a thumbnail picture of the page into your Device Favorites, and you can tap it any time to automatically open the browser and go directly to the page.

How a Homescreen App Differs from a Normal Web Page

On a computer, when you add a shortcut to your desktop, it's just a shortcut that launches the browser and takes you to the URL.

But on the iPad and on some Android tablets, the site launched by an icon shortcut on the homescreen behaves a bit differently from a normal web page. When you launch from the icon, it goes into "web app" mode, which means that the browser doesn't display controls (back, reload, address bar, etc.), so that the web page covers the full screen. In "web app" mode, only one page shows at a time, so there are no tabs.

The iPad and iPhone, the icon on the front is called a "Homescreen App," and loads into a browser without controls. But if you jump from a link to a page on another domain and then come back, you're back in the normal browser with controls. If you load on your iPad from your Homescreen icon an want tabs, just jump from the Games4TV menu to Net4TV Guides, and then from the Guides menu back Games4TV, and you'll be back in a normal browser window with controls and tabs.

On the Nexus 7 and some other Android devices with the Chrome browser, you'll always be in "web app" mode without controls, even if you follow links to other domains. If you want your browser controls, then load the browser and use a Bookmark to go to Games4TV.

On the Nook HD with the Chrome browser, it's just a shortcut (like on a computer) and there's no "web app" mode. You can launch from the front page icon and you'll have all of your browser controls.

I put this description about the "web app" mode so that you'd understand if it looks and works a bit differently from what you're used to. You can have both a bookmark (Favorite) in your browser and a Homescreen App icon, if you wish, and use whichever serves you best.

What are "web apps?" They are programs made with the same HTML and Javascript as web pages, and they use the browser to work. But they're designed to do a specific function, not just to surf around the web. In many cases, having an extra layer of normal browser controls with a web app would be confusing because it has its own menu and controls.


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Only some of the Kindle Fires

Only some of the Kindle Fires have that "save to device" feature; the 1st gen doesn't have it, and the 3rd gen (2013) edition doesn't have it. The others (Kindle Fire Edition Tablets) have to be "bookmarked" ; however, if one wants the game site to be found quickly then when clicking bookmark-- type the letter "A" ( or numbers) in front of the words "Games4TV" and it'll be at the top of the bookmark list! ( that of course is assuming you haven't bookmarked other websites with Capital As or Numbers)