If you've found an article on a website that you want to be able to go back to, what do you do? Bookmark the site (and try to find it the article later, if you can remember what it was called)? Leave the tab open in your browser -- until you have too many tabs to manage?

No, it's easy -- just put it in your Pocket! Formerly known as "Read It Later," that's just what it's for! Pages that you save to your Pocket are cached on each of your devices, and you can even read them when you're not online!

Once you've signed up for a required Pocket account, saving items to your list is simple. When you install the app to your tablet, smartphone or web browser, a few introduction pages will show you how -- a "save to Pocket" option on most browsers, Android, and iOS 8; on iOS 7, you can email the page from the address that you registered with Pocket. It also works directly with many third-party apps like Flipboard and Twitter. Pocket is free, and if you want more (such as everything saved permanently, you can upgrade to Pocket Premium).

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