Complete iPhone Tutorial for iOS8

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Viewing Suggestions for Tutorials

1. Watch the tutorial through once to get an overview. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. You can always watch it again, and just concentrate on particular areas of interest in later viewings.

2. If you see something you'd especially like to come back to, you might want to pause the video and jot down the approximate time in the video where the topic begins. Later, you can use the "scrub" control on the video to go to that time, skipping the stuff you don't need to sit through again.

3. If you have questions about a specific topic he covers, and you're a Games4TV member, log in (if you're not already) and post it as a question below, and we'll try to explain.

Do you have a new iPhone, or have you just updated to iOS8?'s David A Cox walks you though everything you want or need to know to make the most of your iPhone on iOS8.

This is a one-hour class, and while there is a little bit that only covers the iPhone 6, most of it applies to any iPhone (including iPhone 4S and iPhone 5) that can run iOS8. If you're on an iPad with iOS8, or an iPod Touch, it's mostly the same.

Here are the areas covered, with the approximate times (minutes:seconds) that they begin. Use these timings if you want to jump directly to the discussion of the topic:

Part 1: Buttons on the iPhone - 1:00

David shows you the buttons on the phone and what each of them does.

Part 2: Settings - 4:30

Settings is how you get your iPhone to do just what you want it to. This is the longest section of the tutorial, so here are the points that he covers:

4:40 Airplane Mode, WiFi and Bluetooth

6:50 Cellular settings: (doesn't apply to WiFi-only iPads and iPod Touch).

10:00 Do Not Disturb: This lets you stop people who aren't in your favorites from calling you in the middle of the night.

12:10 General Settings: This area is where you can make changes to have your iPhone behave the way you want it to.

14:30 Siri Seiings: Did you know you have a servant on your iPhone? Basics on calling Siri and setting her up.

17:00 Background app refresh: This setting will help your battery life.

17:30 Display brightness

18:30 Wallpaper: This tells you how to put your choice of picture into your iPhone's background and sleep screen.

19:00 Sounds, Passcode, and Touch ID (Touch ID is on iPhones 5s and 6 only, and on iPad Air2 and iPad Mini 3)

21:30 iCloud & iTunes Settings

23:30 Passbook & ApplePay Settings (ApplePay is iPhone 6 series only, with iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in apps)

24:30 Mail Settings (and the difference between IMAP and POP3)

26:30 Safari Settings

Part 3: Control & Notification Center - 26:52

27:30 Control Center: This gives you quick access to controls like volume, brightness, etc., even without unlocking your phone.

29:45 Notification Center: This lets you see messages, events, weather, and other items on the screen as you wish, even when the iPhone or iPad is locked.

Part 4: Messages - 32:50

David explains the two ways of sending messages to your contacts, iMessages and SMS, and how to know which one you're using.

Part 5: The Camera - 34:50

If you don't have an iPhone 6, you may not have all of the features David demonstrates, but you'll still have most of them.

Part 6: Email and Dictation -  40:56

This shows you how to delete email that you want to get rid of, how to put some emails into folders, and how to speak your message and let the iPhone or iPad type it for you. Dictation is not available on the iPad2, but is on all other iPhones and iPads that can run iOS8. David notes that the iPhone or iPad must be connected for Dictation to work -- the reason is that your voice actually goes to Apple's computers which process it and return the text!

Part 7: Siri - 45:50

He's already shown you how to set up Siri -- here, he demonstrates how to get her to do things for you.

Part 8: Moving Apps & Creating Folders  - 47:15

This shows you how to organize your screen so that it's not cluttered and you can find everything.

Part 9: Multi-Tasking - 50:50

Your iPhone or iPad runs numerous apps at the same time. If one app gets stuck or crashes, David shows you how to shut it down without having to reboot.

52:10 - New WiFi ac protocol

David demonstrates the speed difference between the WiFi n protocol, and the new a/c protocol and encourages you to buy a new router if you have an iPhone 6 so that you get that super-fast speed. I'm going to disagree with him here -- your old router is just fine unless you have a 100 Mbit connection like he does. Most of us are in the 5 to 30 MBit speed (our connection speed that our ISP provides us, and a new router isn't going to make it any faster.


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