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Here, we're talking about all things Chromebook, which also includes the Chromebox and the Chromebase.

Learn About the Chromebook

Do you wish you had a simpler computer? One that is easy to use, can't catch a virus, and that you can't accidentally mess up if you make a mistake? Don't even think about one of those overpriced "senior computers." The Chromebook (or Chromebox or Chromebase) is the answer at the most affordable price, and you can even connect it to your TV!

Ready to check out what's available in a Chromebook, Chromebox or Chromebase system? We'll walk through some good choices, and link you to them on Amazon.

If you'd like to put the Internet on your TV again, or if you're looking for a low-cost replacement for your old desktop computer, the Chromebox could be your answer. Here is a summary of what you need to set up a Chromebook with your TV or monitor.

Would you like to surf the Internet on your HDTV? Would you like a system that boots up in 10 seconds, and can't get a virus? Would you like to have your system updated automatically, without your having to do any maintenance? And would you like all of this to cost less than $200? You'll see why we like the Chromebox!

Goodies for Chromebook

Microsoft's cloud storage offers generous free storage and integrates with MS Office apps.


Cloud storage that works with everything, includine Windows XP!
Cloud storage from Amazon, also known as Amazon Cloud Drive Photos.



Chromebook Q&A

Got a Chromebook question? Post it in our Q&A and we'll try to find the answer!

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We Recommend this Book!

If you've got a Chromebook, Michael Miller's book will tell you everything about it, in clear and simple terms. It's the manual that the Chromebook doesn't ship with.