Chromebook Q&A

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There's a lot we want to tell you! What do you want to know?

There are lots of "how tos" and goodies we'd like to tell you about for the Chromebook, but we want to start with the ones that are on your mind.

If you have a question, post it as a comment in the thread below.We'll try to either answer here, or pull it out and turn it into an article so we can answer at more length.

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chrome book or box

Hi, Is this paid for the same way we used to pay for web-tv , or do we keep our current internet provider; and do we have to change everything like e-mail addresses,and how we pay our bills on line. These chrome devices are what I feel I need. A scaled down internet access device. Every thing keeps changing it seems like every 6 months to a year and what I have is not enough, or not big enough, or not new enough. please help. I think anything and everything you could tell us about these chrome devices would be so appreciated. Thank you ---Lyren

Keep your current Internet provider

Hi Lyren,

You keep your current high-speed Internet provider. You will get a GMail account with the Chrome system, if you don't already have one, because that becomes your Google account that you use to sign in.

But you can still keep your current email, too. For example, if you use Yahoo, you'll just make a favorite (aka bookmark or shortcut) in the web browser and log in at Yahoo to get your email.

Now -- for the use of the Chromebook, and the email, and the software updates, there is no subscription or ongoing payment at all! All you do is buy a Chromebook, activate it, and start using it!

For Internet banking and billpaying, you just go to the same sites you do now, log in and do your transaction.

Hope this helps!


love you dudette

you have been educating me for almost 30 yrs. i have never written a post or comment. i just kept getting educated by you. i now would like to thank you from every part of my being for everything you have done for me and so many others. i hope you really know the impact you have had in helping me(us) adjust to this ever changing and often frightening new world. your help is truly priceless. you are truly heaven bound.---- humbly and gratefully--- lyren logan. sorry for no caps where they belong, it's too early, and i'm too lazy.

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What Is The ShortCut Saving PWs On CB?

I get asked this question a lot and I don't have the answer; how does one save a Log-in to some websites without having to remember ( or find the notebook it's written in) the vital information? We're not talking about Banks or anything vital just the every day places like here? Or Pandora?


Saving Passwords on Chrome

Click on the Settings icon, and then scroll down on the Settings Page and click on "Advanced" to open the advanced settings. There will be a block for Passwords and Forms. Check "Offer to Save Passwords."

You can also then check out the "Manage Passwords" link (after you have some saved) to see where you have saved passwords for, and you can clear any that you would like. At the bottom you'll see a list that says "Never save passowrds for ..." with any websites which dissallow the saving of the passwords.