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If "Windows Technical Support" calls, Hang Up!

Have you received a call from "Windows Support" telling you that your computer has a virus, errors or malware? Here's the story on this scam that could be coming to your phone, and what you should do about it.

Member News: We've Got Sound!

We're adding sound, and it's already in almost half of our new games! We've launched some new game versions since our last Member News, and we're now celebrating a year on our new site. Also, if you get a blue screen instead of a game, we'll tell you what to do. Read on about what's happening at Games4TV for you!

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Crazy Quilt: Real Mental Benefits in a Restful Puzzle Game

If you play our Crazy Quilt game, you may have already discovered that it's a gentle mental workout, in addition to a fun challenge. But if you haven't, or you'd like to know more, let me tell you how it happened, its benefits, and the strategy to play it well.

Dudette's Chromebox Review

Would you like to surf the Internet on your HDTV? Would you like a system that boots up in 10 seconds, and can't get a virus? Would you like to have your system updated automatically, without your having to do any maintenance? And would you like all of this to cost less than $200? You'll see why we like the Chromebox!


Help Yourself to Free Cloud Storage!

"The Cloud" is the latest buzzword in computing, but WebTV favorites, scrapbook, and email were all "in the Cloud;" and GMail, Outloo, and web apps like Google Docs are all Cloud-based, too. Now, you can use Cloud storage to save and share anything you want, and it's all free!


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Black Coffee

Coffee is "the most widely used legal drug," and a huge business. But where did it come from, how does it get to your cup, and how do you brew a great one? This 3-part PBS documentary tells all!

The Righteous Brothers: Legends in Concert

Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield reprise all of their great "wall of sound" hits from the mid-1960s in this concert recorded twenty years later.


Alice in Wonderland

The 1982 stage version of the classic tale, starring Richard Burton, Colleen Dewhurst, Donald O'Connor, Kate Burton, and more. From PBS' Great Performances.

Messiah at the Foundling Hospital

Handel's Messiah is some of the world's best known music. But few people know the extraordinary story of how it came to public attention and, in the process, saved the lives of tens of thousands of children!

Operation Petticoat

A World War 2 submarine commander finds himself stuck with a decrepit (and pink) sub, a con-man executive officer and a group of army nurses.Cary Grant and Tony Curtis star in this Oscar-nominated comedy.